At Surgical Sculpture Workshops we are a group of plastic surgeons based in the West Midlands, UK.  Together we run unique courses for trainees to learn in-depth anatomy (up to FRCS level, and beyond if desired) using sculpture  • Courses are evidence based, demonstrating improvement in anatomy knowledge after each course • Taught and instructed by senior plastic surgeons, experienced in sculpting • Suitable for SHOs, registrars and fellowship candidates (consultants have also taken part) • Delegates use sculpture tools and wax to construct intricate anatomic models in 3D • No prior sculpting experience needed, but still develops manual dexterity skills • Unique course paradigm, with very positive peer feedback 

The two day hand sculpture course will take you from bones to skin 
You will sculpt in intricate detail:  
The intrinsic muscles 
The arterial suppley to the hand 
The deep branch of the ulnar nerve... and much, much more 
Attend in person or remotely 
The three day hand and forearm sculpture course will take you through the entire anatomy of the upper limb below the elbow. 
You will sculpt in intricate detail: 
The arterial system and course of the vessels to the hand and forearm 
The motor and sensory nerves to the hand 
All long flexors and extensors to the hand... and much, much more 
The Hand and Forearm Course includes the two day Hand sculpture course, allowing an additional day for sculpting the forearm 
The three day whole body course will cover every single muscle of the human locomotor system 
You will sculpt: 
Pelvic floor 
Rotator cuff 
Lower limb muscles and their arrangement at the pelvis 
Abdominal wall and posterior thorax... and many more 
In addition you will better appreciate the contour of the human form and the aesthetics associated with this 
This has been a popular course with both surgeons and artists 
The three day head and neck sculpture course has been our most ambitious course to date 
This course has been attended by trainees in plastic surgery, maxillofacial and ENT 
You will sculpt: 
Peri-ocular structures 
Deep orbital fat pads 
Salivary glands 
Cranial nerves and brachial plexus 
Vascular supply of the head and neck 
Thoracic duct 
Cervical lymph nodes... and many, many more 
In addition you will better appreciate the aesthetics of the older face and how the SMAS and retaining ligaments are altered by the ageing process 

An experienced faculty of plastic surgeons 

Francis Peart 
MBBCh., BSc., FRCS., F.C.S 
Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon 
Mr. Francis Peart is the originator of this teaching platform, which uses sculpture and construction to teach complex 3 dimensional anatomy. He is a retired plastic and hand surgeon who has an interest in sculpture, and 3D printing. 
Rajive Jose 
Consultant hand surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham 
Mr Rajive Jose is a hand surgeon actively involved in the BSSH Hand Diploma program and is faculty for several regional and national courses. 
Outside of medicine his interests are writing, painting and sculpting.  
Tom Pidgeon 
BMedSc (Hons), MBChB (Hons), MSc, FRCS (Plast) 
Post CCT Plastic Surgeon, West Midlands 
Tom is a post-CCT plastic surgeon. He has worked as a lead faculty member with Surgical Sculpture Workshops since 2018, using sculpture to teach anatomy to delegates. Tom develops the anatomic build sequences for the sculpture models, writes the guidebooks and develops new sculpture models for the courses. 

Photos from some of our courses! See our gallery for more! 

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