The hand sculpture course 

In-person course, Birmingham, UK 

“As a medical student and later as a surgical registrar, I found myself frustrated trying to understand practical anatomy from textbooks and drawings. Learning a 3D structure from 2D images just didn’t allow me to learn what I needed. That all changed when I started sculpting. It has completely altered my confidence in theatre and in clinical practice.” Tom Pidgeon, Course Lead 

• Learn in-depth hand anatomy (up to FRCS level) using sculpture • Use sculpture tools and wax to build a hand in intricate detail • Course convened, taught and supervised by senior plastic surgeons • Badged by BSSH for 2024 • Badged by BAPRAS for 2023 

Why attend? 
This course is unique and evidence based. Your anatomy knowledge and confidence in clinical practice will improve after attending (Pidgeon, 2021). Feedback from prior delegates has been resoundingly positive (see Testimonials). Yes, you can keep the beautiful sculpture you create as a permanent learning aid to take home on its display mount. You will be instructed by experienced surgeons and will receive a step by step guidebook to navigate the sculpting process. 
What anatomy can I expect to learn? 
Over the two-day Hand Course, you will be guided through the process of sculpting all the key structures of the hand e.g. the deep branch of the ulnar nerve, the arrangement of deep and superficial palmar arches in the hand, the carpal ligaments, the course of the radial artery through the first dorsal interosseii, and much, much more. Here are some examples of the work our delegates have produced.  
Who is it for? 
This course is suitable for SHOs, registrars and fellowship candidates (medical students and consultants have also taken part). No prior sculpting experience is needed, but you will still use your manual dexterity skills.  
Can I attend remotely or from abroad? 
If you are unable to travel to Birmingham for the in-person course, we now offer the option of delegates attending the two-day Hand Course remotely, whilst building their sculptures at home. We will ensure you can attend the course live, remotely via video-link. We’ll post you a full sculpture kit in advance, including the skeleton, wax, tools and neurovascular structures for you to build at home. Please visit the remote Hand Course page for further details.  
Course details 
Location: The Edgbaston Priory Club, Sir Harry's Road, Birmingham, B15 2UZ, UK 
Dates: 14-15th March 2024 
Cost: £799.99  
(This may be study budget funded, please discuss with your Educational Supervisor/ Budget Holder) 
Please register for the course using the form below that will take you to the payment page: 
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